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Executive Producers: ARUGAAAN NG KALAKASAN
Record Producers: GRACE NONO & BOB AVES
Art & Design: JOANNE DE LEON
Photography: OCS ALVAREZ



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Poetry by Sylvia Estrada-Claudio/ Music, Main and Back-up Vocals by Grace Nono/ Arrangement, Accoustic and Electric Guitars, Octavina by Bob Aves/ Atmo vocal tracks by Kathleen Lacaza

Through the crowd in Divisoria, / "Lumpia! Lumpia!" / Standing, eating sidewalk spring rolls / On that day so long ago. / Yellow hair in summer sunshine / Darker heads in the gathering rain / They are gone, that day with them / In that market long ago. / But home they come to me in
memory / Telling tales of sidewalk food / Passing codes of revolution / And recipes of sisterhood. / Omnipotent now in yearning absence / How they mocked their difference / Casting stones from West to East / We have not died but rest in peace. / Daughter am I of all my mothers / One taught me sunshine and also rain / A dark one brought me into brightness / A fair one spoke of my people's pain. / I recall you, Dolores and Rita / And send my best to you Priscilla / For to name is to remember / And remembering to name. / I still wage your revolution / And follow your life's recipes / I still pause to hear your laughter / As you all come home to me.

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Translated by Kristina T. Subido
Poetry by Benilda Santos/ Music by Grace Nono and Bob Aves/ Arrangement and Accoustic guitars by Bob Aves/ Main and Back-up Vocals by Grace Nono/ Percussions by Bo Razon/ This poem was inspired by an actual case of child rape and abuse committed by a powerful elected official in the Philippines. The poet tried to express a child's feelings of confusion, hurt and sadness but without anger in describing how she actually felt. The tone is intimate and confessional, hoping that the child would get her father's understanding and protection.
'Tay, sa isip ko lang 'to sinusulat / Sinulat ko na 'to kahapon / Pero isusulat ko uli ngayon kasi / Talagang-Talaga nang / Nahihirapan na 'ko / Mula nung mamatay ka / Nang lumubog 'yung barkong / Sinakyan mo / At si Nanay sumama sa / Traysikel drayber d'yan sa kanto / Naiwan ako ke Tiyo / 'Di n'ya ako pinapapasok sa iskul / Sa bahay na lang daw/ Kaya pala/ Dadalhin niya 'yung mga kaibigan niya dito/ Sa gabi/ alam mo/ maingay sila at lasing/ Sabi nila, 'nung unang gabi / Ba, pwede na 'tong alaga mo, / Lazaro / Tiningnan nila ako, 'tay / Sabi, laro lang, ha / H'wag kang matatakot / Tapos tawa sila ng tawa / Lahat kami humiga / Tapos madilim / Tapos, umaga na / Hoy, sabi ni Tiyo / Tayo ay pupunta ngayon sa Maynila / Magbalot ka na ng mga damit mo / Pero di ako makabangon / Tumingala lamang ako sa kisame / Nagbilang ng
pako / Me kalawang ang lahat / Sa Maynila, marami pang pinapasok / Si Tiyong mga lalaki / Malakas tumawa / Maraming pera sa bulsa / Me mabaho, meron namang mabango / Merong mataba, me payat, me malinis / Me katulad ni Tiyong sumisinga sa sahig / Lalu nang dumalas / Ang pagtingala ko sa kisame / Pero di na 'ko makapagbilang ng pako / Kasi 'yung kisame / Naging isang salamin / Kita ko d'un lahat / Ang ginagawa namin / Sa sahig / 'Tay, magsusumbong na 'ko, talaga, kasi / Dal'wang taon na atsaka / Lumalaki ang salamin / Dumaraming nakikita / T'saka baka 'di na 'ko makabangon / Mabigat na mabigat na 'yung puson ko, Itay / Pabigat nang pabigat 'Tay, / Parang buong Maynila / nasa loob ng puson ko / Alam mo? Alam mo? Alam mo?

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Pa, am writing this all in my head / Wrote this yesterday but writing it again / 'Cause am really, really having it bad / Since you died / since that boat you were in sank / and Mama took off with that tricycle driver down the corner / been left with Uncle / He didn't put me in school / Kept me home / Turned out, he was bringing his friends here / At night y'know / They're noisy / Drunk / They said that first night, / "Hey, your little girl here will do / Lazaro" / They looked at me, Pa / Said "Its just play, okay? / Just play / Don't be scared" / Then, they laughed and laughed / We all lay down / Then it was dark / Then it was
morning / "Hey, Uncle said / We're going to Manila, okay? / Pack your clothes / But I couldn't get up / I just looked up at the ceiling / Counted the
nails / There's rust in all of them / In Manila, Uncle let in so many more / y'know, who laugh loud / with lots of money in their pockets / There's smelly ones / there's nice-smelling
ones / There's fat ones / there's thin ones / There's clean ones / There's ones who snort their buggers down on the floor / like Uncle / More and more I'd stared at the ceiling, Pa / But I can't count the nails no more / 'Cause the ceiling's got to be this big, big / big mirror / Can see everything there that we do on the floor / More and more I can't sleep / Pa, am going to tell now / Really / really will /'Cause, been two years now / And that mirror's getting bigger / Am seeing more and more / And, what if I can't get up no more / My belly's getting so heavy / Heavier and heavier, Pa / Like I got all of Manila in my belly / Y'know?



Translated by Kristina T. Subido

Poetry by Del B. Quijano/ Music by Bob Aves and Grace Nono/ Arrangement, Kudlong Lute and Dumbek Drum by Bob Aves/ Main and Back-up Vocals by Grace Nono/ Despite current strides in addressing family violence, some individuals, community agencies and institutions still support a man's "right" to control women through physical violence. This song is a call to support women survivors of family violence, help and empower them to make their own decisions at their own pace.


Masaya nu'ng simula / Hanggang sa simula lamang pala / Nang lumaon ay nag-iba / Lambing ng boses nawala / Sugal, inom, barkada / Nadagdagan pa ng iba / Ikaw na nga ang kumikita / Pag gusto'y bugbog ka pa / "Magtiis ka", sabi nila / "Iginuhit 'yan ng tadhana" / "Iyan daw ang iyong s'werte" / "nandiyan na 'yan", wala kaming paki" / "Sayang ang pagsasama" / Ang sabi pa ni attorney / "Baka naman nagkulang ka" / Tingnan daw ang iyong sarili / Lumaya ka! Ngayon na! / Korte ba ang magsasabi / Hanggang kailan mananatili / Sa sitwasyong kinalalagyan / Na pilit mong ikinukubli / Si ninong ba o ang simbahan / Ang biyenan mo o magulang / Kahit si Totoy o si Nene / Di ka p'wedeng iditine / Ang pira-piraso na salamin / Ng sarili mo'y pulutin / Buuin, H'wag nang muling / Bayaan pang basagin / Ng salita at ng kamaong / Mapanakit, mapang-alipin / Di sila, kundi ikaw / Ang s'yang dapat magpasya / Lumaya ka! Ngayon na!

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The beginning was bliss / but beginning was all that it was / Time passed / things changed / the sweetness in the voice /
gone / Bets, booze, buddies / on top of that, another / its you who get the earnings yet / upon the urging, its blows you get as well / "Learn to take it," they say / "such is fate" / "that's your luck" / "that's that", / "its none of our business" / "all those years together, all to waste", / and attorney even said / "maybe you were wanting" / "look within yourself", you're told / The court will not tell / 'til when you must stay / in the situation you find yourself / that you try hard to hide / not godfather / not the church / not mother-in-law / not the parents / neither the little boy nor the little girl / can hold you down / Pick up the pieces / of your self-image / Make it whole and nevermore / allow it to be shattered / by the force of wits and fists / injurious, enslaving / not they, but you / have the right to choose / Be free! Right now!




Poetry by Maria Luisa Aguilar Carino/ First published in 1997 in the book with the same title by the University of the Philippines Press and the UP Creative Writing Centre/ Music, Main and Back-up Vocals by Grace Nono Arrangement, Accoustic Guitars and Dumbek Drum by Bob Aves


The stirrup / Is a bone in the ear / A pair of them, clasps/ to keep the knees steady/ The body opening/ its basin of secrets/ Light/ Does not resist/ conscription/ In its probing/ Desire is its own/Unpredictable science/ Demanding pursuit of its/ inventions, the nautilus/ And compass of its tropes/ You take it to your lips; / You marry it, embrace it, / Admitting the simple longing / That ripens / Into this loss / Aaahhh.... / The landscape repeats / The lesson, disarming / With moonlight, fields / Drenched with irresistible / Perfume of orchards / And this is what we are asked / To bear, being unable to withstand / The wind's vehement sweetness / Somewhere a star exhales / As though it could choose / Between diligence / And its own deliberate / Unmooring / Above the chained / Harbor of roofs, see / How the glare of neon / Faithfully echoes / Its song- ruby, Strung / Crimson, dark flush / The labia leaning close, / Consolingly to whisper / Into the womb's empty walls, / Once again streaked with nothing / But rose, with sheets of tissue, / Uncompromising / Gravity / Aaahhh.....

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Translated by Lidy B. Nacpil

Traditional Hanunuo Mangyan chanted poetry or Ambahan from the Hanunuo Mangyan of Mindoro, Philippines/ Informant and Tagalog translator: Lucia Gawid from Dangkalan, Bulalakaw, Oriental Mindoro/ Additional Music, Main and Back-up Vocals by Grace Nono/ Arrangement by Bob Aves


Kang pandong anahawan / Natayak sa sakbawan / Binay andap binay-an / Na kadnog dagmok oran / Si nagoma dima-an. / Ang dahon ng anahaw / Naiwan sa sakbawan / Pinagkatuwaan / Nakarinig ng haganas ng ulan / Muling binalikan.

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Anahaw palm leaf / Left on the sakbawan / Subject of amusement and fun / But at the sound of the rushing rain / Returning to it again.




Salin mula sa Ingles ni Kristina T. Subido

Poetry by Trinidad Tarrosa Subido/ First published in Women's Weekly, January 1936/ Used with permission from the poet's family/ Bamboo Flutes by Joon Claudio/ Recitation by Grace Nono

The sea bares its breast.../ Heaven is unmoved. / I bare my bosom for your lips / You stoop. / I have more power than the sea; / You less than the sky. / I crush a lily in my hand / And feel triumphant. / I fancy the lily is my form, / The hand you, / And still feel triumphant.

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Nilantad ng dagat ang kanyang dibdib.../ Walang imik ang langit / Inilahad ko ang suso ko sa iyo / Ikaw ay tumungo / Higit pa sa dagat ang lakas ko / Ang iyo'y sa langit ay kulang / Kinuyumos ko ang liryo / sa kamay ko / At nagsaya sa tagumpay / Sa wari ko'y ang liryo ay aking anyo / Ang kamay ay sa iyo / At nagsaya pa rin sa tagumpay.




Poetry by Maria Luisa Aguilar Carino/ First published in 1997 in the book "Blood Sacrifice" by University of the Philippines Press and the UP Creative Writing Centre/ Music by Grace Nono and Bob Aves/ Arrangement and Accoustic Guitars by Bob Aves/ Main and Back-up Vocals by Grace Nono/ Percussions by Bo Razon

This could be the good year / The year that opens into fields / Where tables are laid with damask / Fine crystal, silver where / In the background just / The edge of our vision, / The porch anchors the horizon / In its place. A curtain / Blurs into the wind and the dark / Wooden baluster invites / Steps leading up and beyond / Like promise of grandchildren / Pap pap pa rap pap . . . / In the first year I continued / To braid my hair, pacing the cool / Confines of the kitchen. / I washed the rice. / I laid the china. / Knife, fork, spoon, water / Glass balancing on its unbroken / Lip. Faith like a mouthful / Of bread or fruit. / Between the second / And the fourth, two / Lives swam free. / Pap pap pa rap pap . . . / Each time, my waters / Broke unstoppably. / What were their origins? / On hands and knees I mopped / The floor with a bit of rag. / At dawn straddling pain / So new I felt I could touch / The insides of myself; / I learnt where I began and / How the end might possibly come, / If it came as mercy, Where the edge / Of a new body split from my skin, / The rush of blood and fluid, soft / New bones intact, delivered. / This could be the good year / Luminous with the fat / Of expectation, the milk of property. / Someone must have dreamt / Seven cows walking up the river- / Bank; behind them, / Seven like strung / Shadows. The fifteenth, / Following after, Ambiguous / Shade, shapeshifter. / It was not from lack of attention, / How the bowl of dough we set / By the window failed to rise / To its required height. / Pap pap pa rap pap . . . / Debts accumulated dwindle / But refuse to disappear. / The outer wall we'd finished water / Proofing produces an indoor pool. / An earthquake in July / Reduces us to our true / Capital: pails of porous / Mortar, loose stones, aprons / Of ash and powder / An aggregate of sundered / Beams, Their iron nails / Still wed to yellowed wood. / Pap pap pa rap pap... / Children will pull away / Like kite strings loosed / Into the broad horizon, / The coming days. / Here are the thickets / Where we walked hand in hand, / Trailing breadcrumbs; / Where we lose sight of each other, / Even though the moon / Has cleared the branches.

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Translated by Lidy B. Nacpil

Traditional Hanunuo Mangyan chanted poetry or Ambahan from the Hanunuo Mangyan of Mindoro, Philippines/ Informant and Tagalog translator: Willie Manggaya, a Hanunuo Mangyan woman leader, judge on Mangyan law, adviser to the Samahang Pantribo ng mga Mangyan sa Mindoro/ Additional Music by Bob Aves and Grace Nono/ Arrangement, Kudlong Lute and Dumbek Drums by Bob Aves/ Main and Back-up Vocals by Grace Nono

Kang talok karubadha / No iba ti magmata / Tunda sabong ngi katna / No ako ti magmata / Sabong di darudangha / Baliw sanga nalaya / Baliw sanga malangba / Sa panhariyan di tugka. / Alaga kong tanim / Kung iba ang tumingin / Wala nang kasing giliw / Sa aking pagtingin / Walang kagandahan / Sanga n'ya'y lanta na / Malago man ang isa / Pahingahan lamang / Alaga kong tanim.

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My tree / Seen in the eyes of others / Nothing can be so beautiful / But my eyes / Do not see beauty / Only withering branches / One may be full and green / But used only for resting / My tree.




Translated by Kristina T. Subido

Poetry by Dulce Marciana (Dulce Marciana is the pen name of a well-known poet and writer based in Davao City/ This is her first attempt at writing in Filipino)/ Music and vocals by Grace Nono/ Arrangement, Accoustic Guitars and Dumbek Drum by Bob Aves

Ayoko nang maupo / sa iyong kandungan / Ayoko nang tumingin / sa mapungay mong mata / Sa likod nito pala'y / Isang apoy nagmumula / Nakasusunog, sumisiklab / Lumalabas sa iyong salita / Sa mabigat mo na mga kamay / Na noon ay umaakit / Parang malamig na simoy ng hangin / Nagbibigay ginhawa / Ayoko na na maging / Parang isang ulila / Na sasayaw sa himig / Kundiman ng iyong galit / Hindi / Pagkat alam ko na hindi ito / Ang tunay kong tadhana / Nagkamaling umapak ang anghel / Sa maputik na lupa / Nang bumagsak sa paglipad / Na para bang alitaptap / Isang hagis at ilaw n'ya ay nawala / Isang hagis at napinsala / Ayaw ko na, pagkat / Minahal kita.

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No more will I sit on your lap/ no more will I go near and look/ at your sweet and comely eyes/ Behind the look kindles the flame that bursts/ the flame that burns/ that flares up/ in your words/ in your/ heavy hands that once/ beckoned like a cool breeze/ giving comfort/ no more will I be like an orphan/ dancing to the song of your rage/ because I know now/ destiny isn't you/ it isn't this/ by mistake an angel stepped/ on muddy ground when/ flying she fell and like a firefly/ one throw and her light dimmed/ one throw and she was crushed/ no more/ because I loved you.



Translated by Kristina T. Subido

Poetry by Marra PL. Lanot Music, Main and Back-up Vocals by Grace Nono/ Arrangement, Acoustic and Electric Guitars by Bob Aves

Sawa na ako sa bugbog/ Sa lasa ng kamao at luha/ Sa kulog ng tampal sa tenga ko/ Sawa na ako sa dilim/ Sa paglaglag ng bituin/ Sa kislap ng patalim/ Sa lunggang walang hangin/ Bubuksan ko ang bintana/ Bubuksan ko ang pinto/ Kailangan kong huminga/ Nang dumaloy ang dugo/ Iiwanan ko ang poon/ Tatakasan ko ang piit/ Hahabulin ko ang ibon/ Aabutin ko ang langit.

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Had enough of the blows/ of the taste of fists/ and tears of the thunderous/ clap against my ears/ Had enough of the dark/ of the stars falling/ of the glint of the blade/ of this airless burrow/ I'm opening wide the door/ I need to breathe/ so that blood may flow/ I'm leaving the master/ I'm fleeing the prison/ I'm catching up with the birds/ I'm reaching for the sky.



Translated by Lidi B. Nacpil

Poetry by Elynia S. Mabanglo Music and Vocals by Grace Nono

Mahaba't nakalugay / iyang lagi ang gusto mo / lalo't nagniniig
tayo / sa pusikit na dilim / Sa pusikit na dilim / sing-itim / sing-itim / ng mga hiblang nilalabnot / sa simbuyo ng damdamin / Sa simbuyo ng damdaming / di tulak ng paggiliw / ano't lugay na buhok /
sinasabunot / Sinasabunot / sa silakbo ng lupit at poot / para-parang nalimot / iyo'y nilalamuyot / sa timyas ng
pag-irog / Timyas ng pag-irog / kay kirot / kay kirot / nakatanim palibhasa / sa buhok.

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Long, loose and flowing / it is the way you like it / Especially when we make love / in the darkest night / In the darkest night / so black / so black / as the strands pulled / with the intensity of feeling / With the intensity of feeling / brought forth not by joy / but let loose with hate / grasping / pulling / Grasping, pulling / in a burst of cruelty and hate / seemingly forgotten / that you mix in / with the sweetness of love / Sweetness of love / so painful / so painful / because it is buried/ in the hair.



Translated by Marie Ozaeta

Lyrics by Marie Clemente/ Music and Vocals by Grace Nono/ Arrangement by Bob Aves/ This is part of the public service announcements played in Arugaan ng Kalakasan's radio program.

Babae ka / ang magkamali ay iyo ring karapatan / 'di ka dapat sinasaktan / lalo na sa iyong tahanan / Babae ka / at husto na / bumangon ka't lumaya / sa marahas mong kalagayan.

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Woman / you have the right to make mistakes/ You should not be abused / especially in your own home / Woman / enough of this/ Rise and free yourself / from the violent world you're in.

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