Grace Nono’s Visayan-Cebuano Love Songs by Jose S. Buenconsejo
The Return of the ‘Babaylan’ By Eric S. Caruncho
The Shared Voice by Grace Nono
by Letecia Layson
Shared Voice by Albert E. Alejo
Grace Nono’s Book Echoes Voices of Living Babaylan by Luisa A. Igloria
Grace Nono's 'Song of the Babaylan' celebrates our islands' healers by Sylvia L. Mayuga
Songs of the 'Babaylan' by John Clewley
Grace Nono-Bob Aves Group ignite day one of 2013 Malasimbo Fest by Amanda Lago
The Grace of Spiritual Music by John Clewley
Grace Nono to Perform Sacred Songs in Sept 22 Festival by The FilAm
Shared Voice by Nirmal Ghosh
Attending to the Spirits by Luisa A. Igloria
Because the Soul Must Chant and Sing by Luisa A. Igloria
Diwa by Nirmal Ghosh
Joey Ayala & Grace Nono: giving a Filipino voice to World Music by Ed Maranan
Primal Stream: The Grace Nono Phenomenon by Jose Tence Ruiz
A big "yes" for Grace Nono by John Clewley
Harmonizing Asia by Asako Takaesu
Elemental Passages by Ma. Luisa B. Aguilar
Nono's Harvest by Chingbee Templo
Artist Celebrates The Traditional by Vaudine England
Grace Nono by Nirmal Ghosh

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