Tao Music is an independent all-Filipino record label officially launched in 1994 under the Tao Foundation for Culture and Arts. Its prime movers are Filipino artists Grace Nono and Bob Aves, in cooperation with friends from different Philippine cultural communities, the private sector, and a number of government and non-government agencies involved in cultural work. The Tao Music vision is two-fold, 1 TRADITION: to help address the dearth of materials and professional recordings available to the general public on Philippine traditional musics (one reason for the prevailing ignorance and lack of appreciation among Filipinos of the timeless relevance and beauty of such musics); and 2 INNOVATION: to create a home and venue for the release of innovative recordings, as well as those that advocate various socio-cultural and environmental issues.

Grace Nono, Diwa
Havana, Landagan, et. al., Kahimunan: Cultural Music of the Manobo, Higaonon, and Banwaon of Agusan del Sur
Mendung Sabal, Tudbulul Lunay Mogul: T'boli Hero of Lunay,
The Place of Gongs and Music
Bayang Barrios, Harinawa
Pinikpikan, Obra Encantada

Bob Aves, Inner Country

Pinikpikan, Atas

Grace Nono, Hulagpos
Women's Poetry and Music
Gawid, Bat-ang, et.al.,
Marino:Hanunuo Mangyan Music
and Chanted Poetry

Grace Nono, Isang Buhay


Sindao Banisil, Pakaradia-an:
Maranao Epic Chants and Instrumental Music
Pinikpikan, Metronomad
Aga Mao Butocan,
Maguindanao Kulintang
Grace Nono, Opo
Grace Nono, Tao Music



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