T A O M U S I C   O R D E R I N G   I N F O R M A T I O N


Pinikpikan, OBRA ENCANTADA, Tao Music, 2001

Global Ethnic In The Philippines

Pinikpikan, the band of music travelers that has taken us on a journey of world music through the eye of the boheme, releases its latest CD, "Obra Encantada." Here is sound that is the offspring of cross-cultural processes, with homegrown Filipino sensibilities getting fused with African grooves, Indian and Arabic- inspired scales, Spanish- influenced harmonic progressions, and timbres of American origin. This may be seen as an attempt to find identity that transcends geographic and historical boundaries; one that seeks common ground in the experience with the enchanted, the entranced, the transported.

Featuring twelve original cuts composed by guitarist Sammy Asuncion, chanter Carol Bello and skin drummer Boy Garrovillo, it also highlights the performances of Butch Aldana, Gerry Baguio, Billy Bonnevie, Dante Bosch, Budeths Casinto, Jose Doufort, Tito Martinez, and a host of guest musicians. Produced by Bob Aves and Sammy Asuncion and released through Tao Music, the production was made possible through the support of Water Dragon, Pioneer Insurance, and the Friends of Pinikpikan Foundation.




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